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City Map Wow Wallet™

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City Map Wow Wallet™
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City Map Wow Wallet™

One look at the Wow Wallet™, and you will be intrigued. Designed to look and feel like paper, the Wow Wallet™ is water resistant, tear resistant, extremely durable, and awesome to look at.

Made from a micro fibre polymer (the type of stuff they use to make tear-proof parcels and wrist bands), this wallet is given amazing strength and durability due to it's patented material and unique folding style. This means it will NOT come apart through regular everyday use, and will last for years and years.

The Wow Wallet™ is light-weight and super-thin, yet at the same time expandable and incredibly tough.

In addition, as the Wow Wallet™ does not look like a traditional wallet, not only will it raise curiosity when you take it out, but it also acts as a deterrent for thieves and pick-pockets.

Finally, the Wow Wallet™ is recyclable - so is also eco friendly!

The Wow Wallet™ comes with 2 expandable inner slots for 16+ credit cards, 2 big top pockets to keep your cash, and 2 hidden pockets for receipts and what-not.

Express your originality with a Wow Wallet™ in your pocket!

Legal notice:

The creative team behind this wallet wishes to advise that as of 1st November 2009 the design, structure, and materials used in the production of this wallet has successfully completed legal design registration with IP Australia - Ref#138222009. In addition as of late 2010, we have received the successful patent of this wallet for word wide distribution - Patent #2011100352.

Note that exclusive design rights are strictly enforced and imitations can and will be severely prosecuted to the full extent of local laws.