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Hidden Rail Musical Boxes

We now have a new range of amazing Musical Boxes for wholesale purchase

Gun Mugs

Have a shot of coffee with our new awesome gun mugs (wholesale only)

New Cufflinks

The following cufflink have now been added and are available for wholesale:

CL-1276 Silver Scale Cufflinks CL-1277 Chefs hat and spoon Cufflinks CL-1278 Posing Girl Cufflinks
CL-1279 Luxury Boat Cufflinks CL-1280 Optometrist Cufflinks CL-1281 Rubber Duck Cufflinks
CL-1282 Hot Dog Cufflinks CL-1283 Sea Horse Cufflinks CL-1284 Fountain Pen Cufflinks
CL-1285 Tyre Cufflinks CL-1286 Elephant Cufflinks

Upcoming trade fairs

To be announced...